GUIDE TO PIONEERISM. It is a holistic entrepreneurial webinar, focusing on showcasing the most desirable traits of emerging entrepreneurs of Bnagladesh among the student body.


INTER UNIVERSITY ENTREPRENEURIAL COMPETITION. The competition nurtures potentially groundbreaking ideas under the mentorship of renowned venture capitalist and angel investors

Admaker Bangladesh

INTER UNIVERSITY MARKETING COMPETITION. The Competition received recognition for being the largest and the most competitive inter-university 360-degree marketing competition

Masters Of Ideation

INTER UNIVERSITY BUSINESS STRATEGY COMPETITION. NSU YES! hosted its strategic business case-solving competition online for the very first time in its 25-year history.

Nsuers Meet Corporate Icons

BE ENLIGHTED... NSU YES! held seminars led by business experts to inform young minds about corporate culture and give them the necessary direction.


A DEVELOPMENT SUMMIT BY NSU YES!. NSU YES! plans to empower entrepreneurship and scalability among the student body of NSU from the authentic tales of success in the four engaging sessions.